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The Hayes Sisters

Jenny, Cathryn & Angela Hayes

The Hayes Sisters are a folk/country-esque acoustic trio from Greater Manchester with guitars,  a banjo and three voices, that are another example of close sibling harmonies! Within months of them getting together Clive Gregson had produced their debut album, Another Man's Shoes, and local radio station Pure FM named them Stockport 's Finest after a listeners poll

They had a brief period as a vocal trio in their teens the sisters but went on to the grown up things of careers and kids... until an off-the-cuff suggestion from Jen to “have another go” saw them tentatively take their material to sing-a-rounds, open mics and folk clubs in the north-west. But talent will out and they were soon spotted by Clive Gregson and so The Hayes Sisters had a producer - and a debut album in the making.

They mix original songs of their own with the well known, selected from the traditional music of England and Ireland plus the US west coast close harmonies of bands like Crosby, Still, Nash and Young.  Their songs reflect personal experiences and emotions and those inspired by history, politics, art and literature.

Another Man’s Shoes, is a collection of these songs. As well as producers Clive Gregson and John Wood, it also features the awesome musical talents of Andy Dinan, Andy Seward, Fiona Lander, Simon Whitbread, and Clive Gregson himself.

They also had an early taste of stardom, appearance on Top of The Pops as part of St Winifred's School Choir but went into nursing, teaching and acting: you may have seen Jenny in Dr Who, The Office, Coronation Street, Brief Encounters and as Mrs Cratchett in the BBC’s “Dickensian” earli in 2016.

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