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Save Me The Waltz

Trio live at the Green Room

Hank, Brad and Spanner

Hank and Brad


Brad, Hank and our lovely Viv







Hank Wangford

Hank Wangford loves country music. And it takes someone who loves the genre to be able to both celebrate and parody it at the same time. A night out with Hank is filled with laughter and frequently finds people leaving with a renewed attitude to country as he draws out the inherent humour with which country music views heartache, misery, separation: laughter is the best way to deal with being 'sad and blue'. Something highlighted in all Hank Wangford shows.

Hank n Brad

The No Hall Too Small show in which Hank explains the misery and dark humour of country features the man himself, with his sidekick Brad Breath (aka Andy Roberts of Plainsong, The Bonzos, Liverpool Scene and more). Brad from the county of Halitosis, USA, adds musicianship to the show, while on a break from his day job of building/cleaning swimming pools with Novak and Goode Pools... The show is awash with "beautiful songs about death, divorce and drunkeness".

Or take the Hank Wangford Trio in which the boys are supported by the bass and vocal of wild cowgirl Anna Robinson.

“We had a wonderfully miserable night with Hank - thoroughly Enjoyable” Michael Hoare, Warthog Promotions, Lowdham Village Hall

Hank Wangford's Boombastic Bass Combo

Hank Wangford, the grizzled Godfather of British alt. country, is joined by two bass players:   Kevin KillaHertz Foster, the Jaco Pastorius of Country music and ex-Doll by Doll is the bass player of the Lost Cowboys and Spanner Subwoofa Robinson the chanteuse with the Cowboys and ex-bassiste of The Hallelujah Trails. Together the three explore country from the bottom up, back to bass basics.  The bass line in any song is mostly felt then forgotten and the Bass Combo seeks to home in on this unsung carrier of sad songs. 

The Wangford 4

Think trio and add BJ Cole’s pedal steel creating a fuller country sound. BJ Cole is recognised as a leading pedal steel man and an innovator having co-written with The Orb and performed with folks as diverse as Brian Eno, Elton John, Deacon Blue, Depeche Mode and Martin Simpson. Hank Wangford always attracts top quality musicians for his shows, whatever size of band you can fit on to your stage...

Save Me the Waltz

Save Me The Waltz is a masterpiece of country style. Where 2008’s Whistling in The Dark marked Hank out as the leading country musician of the UK – as many reviews pointed out – Save the Waltz celebrates a slower, sadder country style with many songs Hank has planned to record for many years. It's a double album spolit into the light and darker side of life - all in the magificent 3/4 time of the waltz: "beautiful songs about death, divorce and drunkeness" according to renowned critic Paul Kerr

So, whether you are trying to fill a large festival stage or a small village Hall give us a call and ask about Hank's availability


Contact Dave on 0784 665 3843 or dave@doddnaze.co.uk







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