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What they are saying about second album The Reconciliation?

 "Finely written studies. Original and inventive"  The Guardian, **** 4/5

"More terrific countrified thrills - On this form, it’s a winning formula that looks set to run and run" Uncut, ******** 8/10

“A phenomenal piece of work”

Country Music People, ***** 5/5 - Album of the month

“An instant classic” Maverick, ***** 5/5

"A brand new vintage classic. Exceptional” Classic Rock presents Country, ********* 9/10

"Whatever it is they deliver, this is a singing couple with class"

The Daily Express, **** 4/5

"The Reconciliation? is a 12 song 51 minute duet extravaganza. Without hesitation this album must be added to your ‘to get’ list."

Three Chords and the Truth

"The debut album was a stunning evocation of the classic country duet but The Reconciliation? actually surpasses its illustrious predecessor."

Fatea Magazine

“MDC have not made the best British country record ever, they have made the best two!” Country Music People, ***** 5/5 - Album of the month

"My Darling Clementine throw down the gauntlet for anyone with aspirations of singing a country duet (and writing one too)."

Americana-UK, ******** 8/10

"File under ‘country album of the year.’"

The Beat / Netrythms - Album of the month

“The songwriting is littered with genius”

Country Music People, ***** 5/5 - Album of the month

"There’s so much emotional depth to the songs on this album that I could write a dissertation on them." Fatea Magazine

"Tammy and George can now rest easy in the knowledge that the country music duet is far from dead but in good hands."

Americana-UK, ******** 8/10

“Dalgleish has one of the most perfect voices you'll ever hear" The Beat

"A blueprint of how the golden age of the country duet can be revitalized and refreshed in the second decade of the twenty-first century."

Three Chords and the Truth

What they said about debut How do You Plead:
"Truly a great record"
Chris Hillman (The Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers)

A really exceptional country duets album...superb stuff” - 3rd Coast Music, Texas

"A finely crafted tribute to the classic country duos such as Cash and Carter, or Jones and Wynette.  All songs written by King and Dalgleish and many sounding like lost classics."
The Guardian

"Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the best British country record ever!”
Ducan Warwick, Editor - Country Music People.

"13 all-new duets that carry the sting of authentic country classics. Just wonderful!"
UnCut **** 4/5

“Without doubt the best British country album of the year, and one that would challenge anything from across the Atlantic too”
Maverick *****5/5. Editors pick of the month

“Every song could be mistaken for a classic Nashville standard. You could easily imagine it topping the country charts in the ‘50s or ‘60s;”
Kai Roberts, Americana-uk.com ******** 8/10 



My Darling Clementine
(Michael Weston King & Lou Dalgleish)

"They were brilliant! It was definitely the best live show we've done so
far. Thanks for all your help."  Ricky Ross on My Darling Clementine at Celtic Connections live gig on BBC Radio Scotland 24 January 2014

The classic country duets were undoubtedly at their peak in the late '60s and '70s with Johnny & June, George Jones & Tammy Wynette, Dolly Parton & Porter Waggoner  and many more. Those timeless themes have now been revisited by My Darling Clementine  - aka Michael Weston King and Lou Dalgleish. They have also been updated for the 21st Century -  with songs like No Matter What Tammy Said (I Won't Stand by Him), Lou's more modern and acceptable take on domestic violence.

After great reviews for their debut How do you Plead? the follow up The Reconciliation?, released in October 2013 has received even more favourably and was named in the top 10 country albums of 2013 at USA based Pop Matters and a host of other UK and USA based magazines and critics.  Available for gigs and festivals throughout the North America and Europe

One of the many definitions of harmony is...  “agreement; accord; harmonious relations”, so it is with sweet irony that in country music, the joining of two voices should so often be used to sing about disharmony.  These are songs of betrayal, regret, anger, guilt, revenge and hurt.  But it is that contradiction which draws us to this music: two people sing to each other, about each other,  while staring directly into each other's eyes.  Listeners become voyeurs to something so personal, it is like eavesdropping neighbours tuning into a domestic. We are at once curious, sad, compelled but yet unable to turn away.

New Show: The Other Half with Mark Billingham

In a rundown Memphis bar, three couples tell their very different stories. The bliss and the heartache; desire, death and domestic horror...An original story by mrak Billingham, inspired and sound tracked by the music of My Darling Clementine...

Pain, loss, violence: the lifeblood of crime fiction, but also the coal-black seam that runs through the very best country music. It is no accident that the novels of bestselling crime-writer Mark Billingham feature a lot of country music. Could dark stories that entertain have any more appropriate a soundtrack? The playlist for his latest novel The Bones Beneath featured Billingham’s favourite contemporary country artists, My Darling Clementine and now the novelist and the band have come together to create an original show combining story and song.

As Billingham explains: “I’ve written a good deal about the unusual horrors that can befall people, but when you listen to these songs, you realise that everyday life contains so much powerful drama and ordinary tragedy.  My Darling Clementine describe that perfectly, so it’s a thrill to be working with Michael and Lou. The Other Half is about people looking for something, so there’s hope too and there’s always the possibility of redemption 

Michael Weston King has been at the forefront of country music over the last 20 years, from his days as a founding father of the British Alt. Country scene with The Good Sons in the '90s.
“As fine a singer songwriter as Gram Parsons”  according to former Byrd and Flying Burrito Brother Chris Hillman

“...a voice part Nashville balladeer and part Alt Country hero...a cross between Nick Cave and Rodney Crowell.”  The Independent.

Fifteen albums and countless tours, both solo and with the likes of Nick Cave, Guy Clark, Steve Earle, Roger McGuinn and many more, have seen MWK becoming recognized as one of our finest songwriters, and now, he has teamed up with his kindred spirit, his other half ... with original songs that recreate the glory days of country duets.

Lou Dalgleish is one of the finest female singers in the UK, living right under the same roof as Michael. Lou has had a mercurial career to date.  A dancer and actor, with TV and film roles to her credit, she is a singer songwriter of outstanding quality, who has been praised by Elvis Costello and opened for Bryan Ferry, The Brodsky Quartet, Brian Kennedy and many more.  From 1993 - 2000 she  released four albums that showed off her unique song styling as well as her stunning vocals. "She's one of the most impressive ballad belters in the game" according to US based Pop Matters magazine

MDC live can be in three formats - Acoustic duo, 4 piece with double bass and pedal steel or the more usual full 7 piece line-up with drum, keys and extra guitar sound. 

Mark Billingham is one of the UK’s most acclaimed and popular crime writers. His series of London-based novels featuring D.I. Tom Thorne has twice won him the Theakston’s Crime Novel Of The Year Award and his debut novel, Sleepyhead was chosen by the Sunday Times as one of the 100 books that had shaped the decade. Each of his novels has been a Sunday Times Top Ten bestseller. A television series based on the Thorne novels was screened in 2010, starring David Morrissey as Tom Thorne


To book My Darling Clementine or The Other Half
email dave@doddnaze.co.uk
or telephone 07846 653843


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